Division 9

Abbi Road

The agents gather in Seattle Washington each having been reassigned to the mysterious Division 9. The agents learn that Division 9 specializes in acquiring, protecting and sabotaging secrets in the private sector.

The agents arrive at their handler’s front business a sports bar called “The Sport Place” Claudette their handler gives them their first assignment. Recover a prototype from a Biogenitic research company Expanding Horizon Systems (EHS). With minimal information on what the prototype is the Agents formulate a plan to intercept the weekly transport.

A quick battle ensues around the EHS SUV and son all the guards are taken out. The agents are shocked to learn that the Prototype is Abbi an eight year old girl. They rush her to the safe house they arranged. The team splits up two go to arrange the drop off of Abbi two stay with Abbi.

News reports indicate that the situation is hot with almost all law enforcement in the city looking for Abbi. During a conversation at the safe house Abbi turned to the agents and said “I think I have been activated”.

The drop arranged the agents regroup. Loading Abbi into the car they proceed to Downtown Los Angeles. Pulling up to the Capitol records building they rush in and turn Abbi over to their contact.



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