Division 9

Boating the Byou

So Claudett provides the agents with their mission briefing in the back room of the sports bar. Dr. Elmers is selling his Biometric chip that is designed to help our wounded veterans have better more responsive prosthetics. A Sociopath named Cesar is brokering the deal. Cesar is know for estimating sellers to keep profit for himself. The good Doctor work in a small hut in the Byuo outside New Orleans. The exchange is scheduled to occur at a black and white ball at a local plantation.The agents are instructed to recover the prototype chips and Dr. Elmers research and if possible bring the Doctor back as well.

The agents fly to New Orleans and with the boat requested go to scout the hut. While scouting the intruder sees a alligator with one milky white eye several times. Seeing no signs of life the agents return to the city to do some research. First the Clark the explorer goes into the high end jewelry store to locate the Doctor’s Daughter Valerie a Jewelry designer. He is unable to meet her and is told she on vacation.

The next day the agents decide that they go into the hut at dusk. Taking the small boat out the the lone hut they tie the boat off to the porch. The intruder begins to make her way across to the door. just as she goes to test the lock her cell phone begins to vibrate. grabbing the phone and seeing her mothers phone# she quickly shuts the phone off. Clark proceeds to ask her how she could be so silly as to have her phone on. His phone begins to ring . He grabs it and mashes the buttons to turn off the phone, not before the intruder sees he mother’s phone# on his phone.

The single room hut is unoccupied and appears ready to fall into the swamp. The intruder finds access panel and brings up an elevator. the 3 agents descend down into a locked airlock, the intruder shaken up by her mother calling took time to get into the airlock.

The room beyond the doors reveals a 4 station laboratory. The intruder moves quickly into the glassed off clean room and grabs every microchip in sight. The Explorer begins to go through the pile of journals atop the safe. The wheelman(woman) goes to a table with animals and tablet computers. She discovers the tablets can make the animals move (sort of). They decide they will take the tablets and animals. They cannot get past the computer security so they unplug the tower and set it aside to take as well. stashing all of this they move through the next door.

they find a kitchenette and bathroom facilities. the next hatch leads to hallway with a water filtration system on the one side and the machine room and generators on the other. The hatch at the far end is locked. The intruder now putting her mother behind her quickly moves through the lock.

The doctors personal quarters. the wardrobe a desk with personal journals, a dresser, and a large bed with the doctor laying on it. He appeared to have died of natural causes. As the agents search the room the wheelman hears something and sees the elevator coming down.

a short gunfight later. The agents have a prisoner and all the research from the hut. Calling for an extraction the agents wait in the dark along the shore. they search the prisoner and find his phone and go through it. The emails confirm that Cesar is still making the exchange at the Black and white ball.

The agents suit up and goto a formal affair. Working the Room the explorer spots Valarie and the fact here earrings appear to be the Chips. The intruder spots Cesar. and she moves to keep him in site. Soon Valarie and Cesar are moving towards each other and the entrance. The explorer intercepts Valarie and tries to buy the earrings off of her. The intruder realizes that Cesar has a back up and manages to steal his weapon. the Wheel man engages the another of the back up and has him throughly distracted.

Cesar comes over and tells the explorer to leave. The explorer unfazed by the Sociopath facing him and tells Cesar it can wait. Cesar’s back up tries to find his weapon and is slightly confused the other one enamored with the wheelman ignores anything but her. Cesar places his hand on the explorer and a weapon in his back and explains that they should all go out to discuss business. The explorer manages to trip and fall taking Valarie down with him. The intruder steps up to Cesar and with a fluid motion injects him with a hypo of knock out drugs. Cesar realizing he is in trouble stubbles out the door. The wheel man goes to follow and sees Cesar get into a vehicle and be driven off. The intruder and many by the door feel an urge to get away from the door. The Explorer helps Valarie up and escorts her out.



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